Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Open Letter to Wexham Park Hospital Slough.

Dear Wexham Park Hospital,

I just want to say thank you so much for the treatment of my brother. Oh yes, sorry NON treatment of my brother!

Over the past few months my brother has been rushed to your hospital over and over and over and over....well you get the point!

He was admitted in for chest pains and possible ulcer in the throat to stomach area. In fact lets face it, we DON'T KNOW what part of his upper body is going wrong now do we?

And why is that? Well, because all you do is check for heart pain and heart attack! Over and over again!

In fact at one stage he was kept in for a week! And did they check for stomach and oesophagus problems? NO!

And why was that?

Oh yes, they said they would do a scan the next day. But they sent him home.

He got rushed back in. They checked for heart pain, and sent him home.

He got rushed back in, they checked for heart pain, promised to keep him in and give him a chest area scan.....hooray!!!!

But no......they sent him home!

Now again, he has been rushed in, its 8.30 at night, we can't get to him because we have spent all our money on taxi's to get him home, and none of us drive.

So, he has been taken in again. And guess what? They checked his HEART! not his insides at all! No stomach, oesophagus, spleen etc just his ........yawn.......heart again!

And now he can't get home. Nobody is helping him and we are all going mad.

So, thank you Wexham Park Hospital. For your kind compassion even when we BEGGED over the phone to get him a scan on his higher body. We literally got down on our knees, but no.......!

So at this moment we do not know what is happening. I have a bad thyroid, my husband is crippled with arthritis, and my brother? Well, going nuts because NOBODY OVER THERE CARES!

British NHS? Not at this hospital!!!

Oh by the way? If it turns out that he has something really wrong with him? I will be consulting a solicitor.
And that is something I never thought I would say.

So disappointed.